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Fitnesstrenz Durable PVC Spiky Massage Ball | Trigger Point Pain Relief ball

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Why Fitnesstrenz recommend this:

1. The spiky message ball is a simple and easy-to-use message tool. It can release the muscle tension, promote the blood circulation. Besides, it can effectively release the paralysis and fatigue feeling by messaging acupuncture points.
2. It also can be used to deal with the aching and limp feeling after taking exercise.
3. It can be put into your pocket or your bag with its small size.
4. Applicable Group: working class, people who like taking exercise, old men and women.
5. The message ball is made of strengthened material without air outlet hole. So you do not need to refill air into it and adjusting its toughness. It has excellent performance for those people who need message of better effect and message in acupuncture

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